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We highly recommend you minimize usage of heat and products on your BKUH as its natural cuticle hair harsh product and excess heat could weigh it down. Use great products that are sulphate free. And good news now BK UNIQUE HAIR now has exclusive genuine Argan oil products made with love & care to help protect your investment on your BKUH treeses (link to get yours here) http://www.bkuniquehair.com/argan-oil-treatment-care-kit-1/

As we understand buying expensive or regular hair products out there with sulphate and acohol can really weigh down your hair in short time.

*Do not co-wash hair using shampoo. Use conditioner instead.

  • - Shampoos are only meant to clean hair.
  • - It does not condition hair.
  • - It does not curl hair.
  • - It does not straighten hair.
  • - It does not soften hair.........

It only cleans the hair; meaning it's role is meant to remove dirt and oil build up so that hair can look healthy, The excessive use of shampoo can actually cause hair to dry, harden and frizz up which leads to breakage and shedding. Conditoners work best because it hydrates hair and moisturizes


To deep condition & treat your hair, we recommend you use BK Unique Hair Morrocco Argan oil care line to maintain hair shine,smooth and luscious texture- 

Use paddle brush to detangle wet hair We recommend you Allow hair to air dry or use diffuser for more volume. MisHandling the hair when wet and during drying process may make it less manageable; And to avoid friz, wait until hair is completely dry.

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